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  • Welcome to my blog. This is the area where you learn about me; someone you can trust to capture all your treasured memories. I love showing your story through photos - the story of a wedding celebration, a growing family, and friendships. I have lived through each stage and event, and loved scrap booking my memories and my story with photographs. My goal is to capture the real you.

    I am a mother of two wonderful children who changed my life the minute they were born and continue to astound me at each new stage. I am a wife to an amazing husband that is my rock and support and best critique ~ THANK YOU! I love to workout although I struggle to find time and I love summer and the golf season. I also love to hear from you – so write a comment or leave a note, and enjoy looking through the photos!! Have a WONDERFUL day, thanks for stopping by and God Bless.


Blogging…I have turned into the younger generation, instant photos and not a lot of words. I like Instagram, pictures, quick upload and fun sneak peaks. My blog is feeling neglected. This fall I am really excited for all the seniors (it has probably been 2 years since I have taken senior photos). This session was a great one to start out with. We went all over town and Caden did awesome with his parents and I nagging him to smile and pose. Thanks for the fun evening and enjoy the sneak peaks!!

Have a great senior year and good luck on college.

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April was the month of updating family pictures. I had a blast with my adorable brothers family. Love my nephew who showed me all around town, his favorite spots, typical 2 year old, but did awesome. It only takes that one special photo for the wall and we captured him to a tee – with a ball, rolling down the hill, loving on his sister, he is a great kid. My niece, man her eyes are amazing, her smile would make me do anything, she wasn’t crawling at the time, and is very easy going. I can tell this little girl adores her big brother and they are going to be the best of friends. Thank you for the fun afternoon, I loved every minute of it and I love your family. Enjoy!! I want to see some new artwork up on your blank walls!!!





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Sweet Brothers

Has anyone got a new computer? I dread this task. Moving all my programs onto a new computer, making sure everything works, having all the serial codes, having the latest download, I. HATE. THIS. TASK. So I’ve put it off. My work computer made a loud screeching noise, it was getting pretty slow, and I’m pretty sure one day I would wake up to start editing and it wouldn’t turn on. So I finally ordered up a new computer. I got it through a co-worker, they build computers and I’m SO happy. I don’t have anything on here except programs I want. Yes I am very thankful that I’m organized and had all my serial numbers, I did upgrade some of my programs with a newer version, but everything is working!! and FAST. I am in love with editing again and good thing because I have a wedding tomorrow and need to be able to edit at full speed when I get back. I’m tired, but happy.

Now onto this sweet family. Actually I thought I already blogged on these little guys. Man they make me smile. I love catching up with this family each year. Such cute boys, so nice, listen well, and the smiles. Too cute. Enjoy!!





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I was asked to photograph this sweet couple’s wedding and now their family photos. This year was a beautiful fall day, next year we will have to wait for snow! You two are so cute and have amazing amounts of support and fun with each other. Congratulations on another year, on your beautiful family, and here is to many more!!!

This sweet girl is always happy, always smiling, and my children adore her.

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