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  • Welcome to my blog. This is the area where you learn about me; someone you can trust to capture all your treasured memories. I love showing your story through photos - the story of a wedding celebration, a growing family, and friendships. I have lived through each stage and event, and loved scrap booking my memories and my story with photographs. My goal is to capture the real you.

    I am a mother of two wonderful children who changed my life the minute they were born and continue to astound me at each new stage. I am a wife to an amazing husband that is my rock and support and best critique ~ THANK YOU! I love to workout although I struggle to find time and I love summer and the golf season. I also love to hear from you – so write a comment or leave a note, and enjoy looking through the photos!! Have a WONDERFUL day, thanks for stopping by and God Bless.


Just an update on me. . . If you didnt already know, we are expecting our second child in May. I’m planning on taking some time off to get things wrapped up and ready. I am so blessed right now with amazing friends, clients and family. I am booked through the end of April and will be taking May through July off to get into a new routine with two kids. It has taken me 3 years to just now get into this routine, but hopefully this next time it might be a little easier.

Maybe – MAYBE I’ll actually post a picture of me the end of this month. I’m heading out to my grandparents and maybe the beauty of the ranch will overcome the hugeness of me  :)   Since every post is better with a photo I thought this was a cute one of my protruding belly. I think my son is smiling!

I will still be out here keeping everyone up to date on things.  I am getting excited that the next infant session I do will be for my little one.


I think this shot is adorable!!

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So as promised. More photos. I’m back from a good night sleep. Feeling a little better and hopefully by Easter I’ll be excellent. These kids are so cute. Enjoy!!

Look how cute the older brother is.  I love this picture of Ashton.  It is so fun to watch my son and him become good little buddies and play together.  Someday this is going to make the mom’s job so easy.  We’ll get to visit!  Then look at brothers being brothers – this is a sibling thing isn’t it, not just boys.

Kaelan is pretty outgoing.  I can always get him to smile at playgroup so I thought this would be an easy session.  Nope – mom will get a few crying photos just like Ashton’s 1 year old session.  At least they will match.

Then we brought out the cowboy hat and got some wonderful photos of him playing. I have too many favorite, so here is a series of three.

Thanks for calling – you guys are the best. Have a Wonderful Easter!


Heather, I love them! Thank you so much for posting them so quickly. They look fabulous and I can’t wait to see the rest! Have a great Easter!!

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More to come . . .

This is just a quick post. You probably recognize these wonderful kids from my blog before. I love taking their photos. These are my girlfriends kids and she has been patiently waiting to see a couple pictures. I on the other hand have been trying not to catch whatever bug my husband has and keep my son from getting sick. Last night I felt the sore throat coming on and tonight I’m clocking in early. I hope this photo will work until tomorrow. There will be more to come. . . promise!

They are so cute.  Kaelan was the first infant to model for me in my new studio last year and now he is walking and already one – they grow up way too fast!


Heather, LOVE IT! So excited for the rest!! You are right…I can’t believe a whole year has gone by already! Thanks for helping capture the moments!


Those are so precious!! I love the family picture : ) What a good looking family ~~ So cute Heather, good job!

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Yes another sleeping baby. Charlotte was 13 days old and born to a wonderful friend of mine from work. It has been nice having someone at work to talk to about pregnancy and how much fun it is   :)   OK for some people out there it IS actually fun, me not so much. Alisa is a graphic designer in our office and also designed my photography website. She is great to work with. I don’t know if she wants tons of extra work now that she is a new mom, but if you are in need of any graphic design needs contact me and I’ll forward on your information.

Onto the baby! Charlotte was so good. I can’t believe how long she is with her petite, long fingers. She will put her parents to the test though, she is strong already and if she didn’t like a pose we were done. I LOVE the first picture, captured a little smile, and she is holding her hands – so cute. 

She also has some amazingly talented family. I love all the blankets that were brought to get pictures with.

She sleeps with her mouth open, which I think is adorable. In about 80% of her pictures her mouth is wide open. We got her into a pretty good sleep and really didn’t like us disrupting her.

Congratulations on the new addition. She was so sweet and could have kept her around for awhile longer. We all miss you at work, but enjoy each day with her while you are at home . . . it goes by way too fast!


Hi, Heather,
Your infant photos are spectacular! As are all of your others! You have such incredible talent!

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What a precious 7 day old baby. I love photographing friends children. Not only do I get to do something I love, but I also get to visit about “life” while working. Jensen was just a little sweetheart. She didn’t really like this basket at all and I thought the 15 minutes trying to get her to fall asleep was going to be pictureless. Then I saw the one and only picture from this prop that turned out. She is smiling-how perfect! This photo just makes me smile every time I look at it.

Look at the beaming brother below.  He was so excited to show off his new little sister and was such a great kid during the 2 hour session.  I know he is going to make the best big brother.

I love these next two pictures. I love the way the color turned out, my new infant hat, the basket, the “precious” little girl sleeping.  She has the cutest lips.

Already holding onto daddy’s hands.

Thank you so much for bringing in your new addition at only 7 days old. She really is a great baby and so beautiful. I had a wonderful time and look forward to our summer with warm weather and play dates!


What a precious little peanut!!! The pictures are priceless, I love them all. Great job : )


Thank you Heather. I can’t stop looking at the first one. What a moment you captured. Wow. I am so excited to see the rest.

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Chad & Brittney

Engagement sessions = wedding season is coming.  I had a wonderful morning with this couple and am so excited to photograph their wedding this summer.  Even though most of the Zoo is brown right now, we found some great spots to shoot pictures.  I love couples who are up for anything and have a great time together.  That is how our morning went.  These are only a few of my favorites.

I love this picture below. I took a whole series of pictures in this field and ALL of them are some of my favorites.

You guys are a wonderful couple, thanks for the fun morning. I cannot wait for your wedding!


Your new site looks great, Heather!! And these engagement photos are wonderful! I love the field shot. Beautiful!!


Awesome pictures! I love the shots! What a beautiful couple and an outstanding photographer! They look like a piece of art that you could hang in your living room instead of just a picture of two people!

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Finally. . . a new blog site!

I am so excited about this new blog site.  I have wanted to update my blog from my blogspot address for a couple years, but just didn’t find anything that made me excited.  I have quiet a few goals for this site and I’m hoping in a year I’m just as excited about it.

I love the fact that it is easy to edit.  Keep coming back because I’m sure it will be continuously changing until I learn all of the features.

I’m hoping the comments box is more user friendly.  I love hearing from my clients and others on the photos – they are like little hugs.

I am excited about the photo upload – hopefully a less time consuming task from the last blog.

So let me know what you think.  I hopefully get on here more often, share a little more into my personal side of life, and share sneak peaks of my clients wonderful events. 

Have a great week!  Don’t forget spring ahead.  I love that it is staying light longer in the evening!


this will be a wonder blog for you to showcase your talent-keep up the great work



Heather! I love your new blog…so awesome!

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