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  • Welcome to my blog. This is the area where you learn about me; someone you can trust to capture all your treasured memories. I love showing your story through photos - the story of a wedding celebration, a growing family, and friendships. I have lived through each stage and event, and loved scrap booking my memories and my story with photographs. My goal is to capture the real you.

    I am a mother of two wonderful children who changed my life the minute they were born and continue to astound me at each new stage. I am a wife to an amazing husband that is my rock and support and best critique ~ THANK YOU! I love to workout although I struggle to find time and I love summer and the golf season. I also love to hear from you – so write a comment or leave a note, and enjoy looking through the photos!! Have a WONDERFUL day, thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

Tag you’re It!!

What a summer! Can you believe that tomorrow is August 1st?!?! This summer has been a blur, I did have a vacation in there and tennis lessons, golf outings, baby showers (for my brother, not me:)), and just keeping up with the kids and poof it is already August 1st. I will be writing in another 20 days about flag football starting and my little peanut trying out soccer. Fun times. Next on the list; taking my kids to the library and getting ready for an amazing wedding on Saturday. CANNOT. WAIT!!

This week after a long day of work and running around, I got to catch up with this little girl at the park and play! She was pretty serious, but at the end, with a game of tag, smiles just rolled out of her.  She loves the water, has the curliest hair (so cute), and was fun to capture playing. Enjoy the sneak peak!!






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First Client…to Family of 5!

This is when I feel blessed…the oldest girl below was my first PAID photo session. She was 9 months old back then and they were taken in my back yard. Since then I have met wonderful families, brides, and seniors – THANK YOU!! Their new addition was born in June and she is perfect. I hope by now she is starting to sleep better. Even with my studio at 90+ degrees, she did not close one eye. Either way I am in love with this session and her beautiful eyes.

On a side note – really is the summer already half over? I am getting ready for 2 weddings in August!! Have a great weekend.





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Summer Evening Light

This might be a black and white photo post overload, but there is something about great evening light and a black and white photo … timeless.

I have been capturing this little guy since he was born, now 18 months, and growing up way too fast.  He is also moving too fast for a sit down “portrait”.  This is what we captured in 25 minutes (a mini-session): 20 photos with tons of emotion, fun, and family.  Thanks for asking me to be a part of this!! Enjoy!!






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First round of mini-sessions last Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous morning, but I was not expecting mosquitos surrounding me, grass to my shoulders and kids ready to roll at 8:30 a.m. Both children had me at “hello” with smiles, fun and personality – oh how I have missed toddlers. I have so many photos to blog on … I just need to find an extra 2 hours of peace in my office to write on all the fun I have had over the months of May and June.  I cannot believe the 4th of July is around the corner and summer is 1/3 of the way gone. Second round of mini-sessions coming soon, enjoy the sneak peak!








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Such a wonderful little addition and fun session. I just had to post on the blog (yes, all Facebook fans have seen these), but some of my favorite followers are not on FB, so thought I would share. She slept like a week old baby and smiled like a 3 week old  :)

I just feel blessed this week… that I get to capture these fleeting moments in families lives – hoping they will cherish them forever. Lucky job – thank you for the cuddles, for the support, and for asking me to be there for these moments.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I still have 2 more slots open this Saturday for mini sessions. 25 minutes, 15-20 digital images, and tons of fun. Contact me if you are interested. I still have a 9am and 9:30am.





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Miscellaneous ART to cherish…

I am exhausted. I really do not know who was more nervous for the BIG dance recital, me or her. We told her all day long ‘Just dance your heart out. Do not try to find us, just dance and we will see you at the end of the show!’ Pictures just cannot do justice to the dance that our little girl did up on stage. At the end of the concert she came running into our arms; so proud of her dance, so proud of the family that came, so proud that as she put it “mom/dad I just danced my little heart out!!” Yes you did and we are so proud of you!!

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blog (3)

These last months I have enjoyed spring, my yard, and just trying to create art…

blog (4)

blog (5)

My kids love “poofers” as we call them. I always love capturing them once a year. All their little dreams floating up to the sky for them to achieve one day…

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Newborn session coming up…she was a doll and cuddled…I am so SO excited for this family and their beautiful addition. Also coming up is my 4 year old’s birthday party, last week of baseball (need to take some photos), and 40th anniversary parties. I may be exhausted next weekend too. Have a great week!!

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Counting Down… {Billings Maternity Photographer}

Happy Early Mother’s Day!! This mom is GORGEOUS!!! Such a wonderful couple and family. This little girl is going to be a wonderful addition to their family and loved by ALL. I cannot wait to snuggle her, photograph her, and meet her. I know mom is counting down the days and so am I, but still waiting patiently for a little more cooking time:)

More from me on mini sessions, my love of spring, all my craziness, but right now enjoy this sneak peak!!






Sweet girl…

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