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  • Welcome to my blog. This is the area where you learn about me; someone you can trust to capture all your treasured memories. I love showing your story through photos - the story of a wedding celebration, a growing family, and friendships. I have lived through each stage and event, and loved scrap booking my memories and my story with photographs. My goal is to capture the real you.

    I am a mother of two wonderful children who changed my life the minute they were born and continue to astound me at each new stage. I am a wife to an amazing husband that is my rock and support and best critique ~ THANK YOU! I love to workout although I struggle to find time and I love summer and the golf season. I also love to hear from you – so write a comment or leave a note, and enjoy looking through the photos!! Have a WONDERFUL day, thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

3 hours of Happiness {Billings Engagement Photographer}

This blog post is a little late. I feel this is starting to be the story of my life… not getting the blog done before the images are online.  So I do not seem to be doing a very good job of showing of a “sneak peak” after the session.  This DOES NOT mean I am not busy, probably the opposite… too busy.  I feel so blessed right now – blessed with a patient, supportive husband (working golf around photos, that is impressive) – blessed with amazing clients that have been with me since the birth of their children, marriage, life’s BIG moments – blessed that my love of photography can be shared.  I feel like I am in a growing and improving phase … hopefully everyone is loving the changes.  I am busy, but honestly I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t busy, probably sew another purse for my sister  :)

I love these photos. This is my sweet, 3 hours of no kids, hair stylist. Yes, really 3 hours. This is why I am slowly going back to my actual hair color, it is just too much. BUT I do have to say I enjoy every minute of getting my hair done and the sweet visits. You have become a wonderful friend. Thanks for being you and always doing an amazing job.  I’m SO, SO happy that you found a wonderful man to marry and your best friend to spend it with. Congratulations!!


Heidi Grevious

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! I agree, super happy for you Nicole~ you deserve the best <3

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New Location = FUN!!

What a beautiful family and perfect session to start the week. This family will always make me smile.  I am still struggling with how old the girls are getting and how they just owned the session. They had amazing ideas, great spots, and tons of fun. This new location was perfect to get some creative juices flowing and I loved so many photos from the shoot, as you can tell below. Photo overload, Enjoy!

It seems like it has been too long since I have been on here.  Right now my life is consisting of a new life schedule (starting school), new work schedule (went back to working Wednesdays), new night schedule (I might get to try out night shifts for the month of October), and tons of photos of families for Christmas.  Photos are the only thing that has been consistent and I am loving getting together with all the families and editing at home.  Thank you everyone for bringing a smile to my crazy week.  Happy Monday!!

Heidi Grevious

I love the location of these photos. Love the pictures, beautiful family!!!

Lori Ketchum

Heather, as always you continue to capture wonderful photos of our family and we are forever grateful for your talent! Thanks for a fun evening!

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Cuddles…Just what I Needed

There are weeks where all you need are a few hugs, lunch with a friend, technology to start working, and weather to just lightly rain. These last few weeks have been crazy! Maybe with a full week of school and work I can get into a routine – although with a couple night shifts that might not be possible either.  This little guy came in at a precious 5 days new on Labor Day and he was a champ; slept the whole time, made it through many different settings, and let me just cuddle with him… just what I needed. He is one lucky guy that was born into the sweetest family and has an over the top in. LOVE. with. him. brother!!! Enjoy the sneak peak.

{Side note… my monitor went crazy on me along with my computer. So I have a professional monitor on its way this week and I want to color correct all these images with that monitor once it is here. Hopefully all the images are complete by the end of the week} Thanks for calling me. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Heidi Grevious

What a handsome little guy, just like his big brother!! He is one lucky kiddo to have such an amazing family <3

Anne & Mark

What a doll! Love the pics! Well done! Welcome to the family little man :-)

Bean and Fam

I have to make a confession – I just keep coming back to look at him. I just love their tiny soft baby hair all over. His cute chubby cheeks and bare bummy – how can you help but not want to squish them! I hope I can kiss him soon – maybe I could trade Dyl – he can have Sora for a minute if I can have Kai for a minute…not sure if Dyl will go for it, but maybe.

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Teegan {Billings, MT Senior Photographer}

Public school has officially started and what better way to celebrate than with a senior! This was a such a wonderful session and I am having a great time editing all her photos – a senior – I bet her mom could still tell about the day she dropped you off Teegan to kindergarten… Today I dropped off my little guy for his first day of kindergarten. I figured it wouldn’t be that bad since he goes to a larger daycare and I have been dropping him off everyday for the last 6 years, but it was. My eyes welled up and I was so proud watching him stand in line with a smile on his face, growing up into such a wonderful boy. I got a text from my mother-in-law today and this is what it read “Such a special day for all of you…hold on tight to the next 13 years as they will fly by…the best part is being there and watching him grow his own set of wings…”

Teegan you are an amazing young women, beautiful and heading in a great direction. Take in everything your senior year has to offer because this year will go by too fast. Congratulation and enjoy the sneak peak!

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2013 Mini Sessions & Dates

Is it really already August??  I cannot believe school is in less than 2 weeks and before I know it. . . Christmas.  I want to hold 2 different weekends for mini sessions – 1 in September and 1 in October.  I am coaching soccer again this year, so the first session will be a Sunday afternoon in September.  Once I get the soccer schedule all figured out I will hold the next session on a Saturday.

To sign up for the session, please email me with your desired time.  I will continue to update the blog post when a time becomes booked.

Mini Session Fee


25 Minute Mini Session includes;

  • Individual Shots of children, mix of posed and natural depending on the age;
  • Family photos, fun candid photos, posed, and as many as we can get in 25 minutes;
  • 15-20 final edited images posted to an online gallery for you to view and order a la carte prints or collections (please allow 2-3 weeks for editing)
  • Mini Session High Resolution CD includes all the images from the session, printable up to 8×12 with personal copyright release.

Mini Session Date & Times (Location will be given upon booking)

Sunday, September 29, 2013
4:00 – 4:25 PM

4:30 – 4:55 PM BOOKED

5:00 – 5:25 PM BOOKED

5:25 – 6:00 PM  BOOKED

Early in September I will post the October date and times.  Please read all the details and email me to reserve your spot!!     heathermosser{at}hotmail{dot}com

Mini Session Details

Mini sessions are perfect for smaller families or updated photographs of the kids – wonderful for Christmas cards.  I move quickly and get as many different locations/poses/candid photos as possible in 25 minutes.  Please arrive 10 minutes before the session starts so we can start on time, we cannot make up time at the back-end of the session.

Sessions are booked on first come, first serve basis.  To make the most of each 25 minute session, the session fee is due when booking to hold your spot.    Details on location, parking, tips for what to wear will be sent to you following the session fee deposit.

No post is fun without a photo. This post will have to settle with phone photos. My computer is currently at the Doctor and in the evenings … I’m lost… My husband has enjoyed my company though:)We have been busy with swimming lessons, golf, weddings, and fun. Why does summer have to be so short??

I did chop my hair – Locks of Love round 2. SO if you are meeting me for a session, look for the girl with a camera and SHORT hair:)I don’t know why I didn’t do this at the beginning of summer.

Look forward to seeing all the family this fall. Have fun getting ready for school and the remainder of your summer!!

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Justin & Candice

Such a beautiful couple and amazing day/weekend. I am sure every time I write “little brother” my brother is literally rolling his eyes at me. He is not little anymore, but the brother I grew up with and lived with was my little brother. I left for college and he was still in 5th grade; shorter than me and a one on one basketball pest.:)Justin, I know you are not my “little” brother anymore and I want you to know that you have grown into such a wonderful, caring, smart man – I am SO proud of you. Our whole family is also very blessed to see who God placed in your life. I will say that the dogs matched you up and we are thankful:)Candice, I am thankful to have you as our sister and so thankful that just after a short 4 weeks of knowing Justin you took a leap of faith to meet the whole crew in Disney World on a wild vacation. From that point on we knew that you were sweet, caring, great with kids, and a perfect fit in our family.  I have ALWAYS loved weddings – the planning, details, emotions, union of two families and all their friends.  This weekend was perfect and my heart grew fuller meeting all of Candice’s sweet brothers, fiancés, and family.  Thank you for a perfect weekend!

Their special day… the weather was perfect, the church was gorgeous, and the couple was ready.  I saw this cute photo online of the groom writing a note on the bottom of his soon to be wife’s shoe.  Justin and I snuck down after rehearsal dinner without Candice knowing.  The note was a perfect way to start off the wedding events.

The first look. This was a cute first look. Candice did not want Justin to turn around until she walked all the way to the front of the church, yet she was talking to him down the isle. The one question I remember her saying is ‘are you nervous yet?’

The gorgeous wedding party! Thank you everyone for following along with my madness:)Justin and Candice are so blessed to have these wonderful friendships and support.

The gorgeous St. Patrick’s Co-Cathedral Church. It was a perfect location for a ceremony.

We love you! AND I thank you for trusting me to capture your special day. You are perfect for each other and will have an amazing marriage.

To see more photographs from their wedding, click here.  Congratulations!!!!



Heather, what a truly amazing job! The love you have for you family shines through these photos, as well as the apparent love between your brother and new sister-in-law. What a touching message and amazing wisdom and talent you have shared with your brother! God has blessed your family!

Chad & Erika Wertz

These photos are exquisite! What a special couple. We are so sorry to have missed this. So proud and happy for them both. Heather, your work is amazing! Congrats to all!

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